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Contact Instruction for Overseas Agent

You can send to if you don’t know who you should send the email to.


Commercial Director:   Mr. Stickman Lee Direct Phone: 86-592-5619862
Marketing Director:      Mr.Carleton Liu      Direct phone:86-21-61395991
Shanghai office Manager: Mr.James Dai   Direct phone:86-21-61395979

Export Operation & Inquiry:

◎  South of China:

  Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Zhongshan/Delta of Pearl River
  Ms.Shino Chen     Direct Phone:86-755-25862448

  Ms. Joy Qiu      Direct Phone:86-592-2619830     Direct Fax: 86-592-5619863
  Ms. Vera Lai         Direct phone: 86-592-2619828,    Direct fax: 86-592-5619863

◎  East of China:

  Shanghai, Ningbo,Nanjing and other ports in South east China
   Ms. Kitty Wang          Direct phone:86-21-61395970
   Copy to Mr.James Dai   or

◎  North of China:

  Dalian /Qingdao/Tianjin/Beijing/ Yantai/ Shenyang / and other ports in North China
   Ms. Luna Wang            Direct phone: 86-411-82789872
   Ms. Eleen Liu             Direct phone: 86-411-82128822-202
   Mr. Carl Tan             Direct phone: 86-411-82128822-212

Import Operation & Inquiry:

◎  Shanghai, Ningbo,Nanjing, and other ports near Shanghai:

    Mrs.Page       Direct phone: 021-61395983

◎   Other Ports except Shanghai:

    Ms. Sarah zhu     Direct phone:86-411-82128072

Financial Control:

    Ms. Sarah zhu     Direct phone:86-411-82128072
    Copy to  Ms. Kelly Yu      Direct Phone: 0411-82128075

Business Development:

    Follow up the sales lead to and from Overseas, marketing developing
    Shanghai office Manager: Mr.James Dai   Direct phone:86-21-61395979
    Project Manager:      Mr. Michael Xu    Direct phone:86-21-61395961

Complain and Solution: 

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